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What is the difference

Therapy, mentoring or coaching: Which is right for you and what is the difference?

There are fundamental differences between therapy, mentoring and coaching although they all can bring great benefits and change to clients, especially on a one to one basis. We could use any learning process as an analogy, but let’s use “riding a bike”. A therapist could start with questions like these for example: “When did you […]

What is a name?

What’s in a name?

We all have names, maybe nicknames and labels for things in our world. Take fear, for example, the anticipation that something terrible is about to happen ( but our experience is that the worst does not happen as often as our imagination suggests.) Fear has been defined by psychologists with the acronym F.E.A.R. –“ Fantasized […]

Power Words

Power Words

Our self talk has a huge impact on our outlook, emotion and well-being. It is also habitual, learnt and sometimes self destructive. How many times do we speak to ourselves in a less than compassionate way? A way in which we would never dream of speaking to another person! “I’m useless…. No good at anything…. […]

Celebration of Success

Celebration of Success

This week I have been celebrating a milestone in my coaching career. I have been awarded CPCC, Certified Professional Co-Active Coach by the Co-Active institute. There are many things to celebrate about this journey: how far I have come since the beginning; the wonderful people I have shared experiences with; emotions, dreams and equilibrium in […]

Present Awareness

Present Moment Awareness

In a world of crisis the power of being present and witnessing our lives is of enormous value. We all have our own experience of lock down, but a very common perspective is “life has no structure!”, or every day is like “Ground hog day”: many days and weeks seem the same or have few […]

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