Great danger for most of us isn’t that Our aim is too high and miss it,

but that it is too low ,and we achieve it” Michelan
Great danger for most of us isn’t that Our aim is too high and miss it,but that it is too low and we achieve it” Michelan


I look forward to working with you to help you create the life you really want. I will stand up for your innate skills of creativity and adaptability.

This is about seeing the whole person, not labelling, diagnosing problems or fixing them. It has nothing to do with my opinion and everything to do with your self discovery and awareness.
Think of the coach as helping you open some doors and explore some of the rooms.

Together we’ll move to achieve the goals you set, as I support you in being more successful, focused and strong. You will see wonderful changes occur as we work together.

Here is what Coaching will require from you:

  • Be committed to living an extraordinary life.
  • Be responsible for the results of your coaching process.
  • Be committed to the coaching sessions and taking action each week.
  • See every interaction as a chance to incorporate the Coaching Principles into your thoughts, speech and actions.
  • Tell the truth; be honest with yourself and me, even if it is uncomfortable.

You may expect me, as your Coach, to:

  • Love you and support your vision and goals and to provide structure that supports you in making conscious choices.
  • Ask you to step beyond your present limitations as you bridge the gap between where you are now and where you want to be.
  • Be an objective listener, reflect back and say what is going on.
  • Tell the truth – give you straight feedback. I will not be confrontative; instead I will invite you to look at yourself and your choices differently.


The coaching relationship works when two specific elements are present:

1) The client is willing to grow

2) There is a void between where the client is now and where they hope to be

These are the necessary starting points for the coach and the client to work productively together. Each session the client brings a subject or topic they want to work on :for example “I am unhappy with my job”.

It’s then all about discovering what you really want; a good old moan can be viewed as “an unspoken need or want”. Notice the energy shift when you think of something you really want in your life versus something you can not stand!

With me as your Coach, you will:

Take better and more informed actions because you set the goals you really want. Finding out exactly what you really want for yourself is our first task together. This “discovery ” session is about finding the people, causes, values and ways of living that are most important to you. Once you create the ideal goals, you’re much more likely to naturally and consistently take actions to reach them. And as you evolve, your goals will develop and shift.

It’s the quest to be all you can be and not pile on more stress in the process. When anyone has a partner they trust, they will always aim higher because they have someone to support them and lean into.
That’s what I am to you.

Make Better Decisions for Yourself:

Self awareness and choice will grow in the coaching relationship, especially in getting to know your unique gifts; “owning your talents”.”What am I really good at? What do I love doing?”

Have a More Sustainable Energy:

When you know your purpose in life, it’s then about how you recover when blown off course. It maybe that the first step is the most important or checking in with the “big picture” on a regular basis.


I Expect Your Best

If you have taken the first step towards coaching you are probably ready to change your life, to discover what you are like at you best. Many people find it a real challenge to acknowledge their strengths; “that sounds arrogant”.

It’s probably much easier for people to tell you what’s wrong with them and the reasons why. The work of discovering your inner critic and realising when they are “running” you is very valuable in knowing how it holds you back from committing to a better life.

Commitment to action.

Once you have discovered “how I need to be” in order to achieve my goals, I encourage you to take action steps (sometimes baby steps are all it takes)

This is in the form of a request: “Will you send your C.V to potential employers?” The answer can be “Yes, no” or a counter offer. “When will you do it? In what way do you want to be held accountable?

Or I will offer a challenge: something left field or way out of your comfort zone; usually initiates a “ you must be joking !” response, but the next question is “Well, what can you do?”

Coaching without action is just a nice conversation.

I speak bravely so we can get to the truth.

Sometimes, as a coach, it is necessary to go out on a limb, say something brave, dangerous or uncomfortable to move things forward. You may strongly disagree or even feel angry but the benefit is that it stimulates a real response.

Noticing what comes up in the moment.

My intuition may notice a change in your voice, a laugh, your breathing or a silence that may open a door into what you are experiencing right now.

I Give Homework

I usually ask that the client come up with two or three goals, actions or breakthroughs to have between one call and the next. If it is too much, say so. If you want more, just ask.

The coaching relationship

The triangle of client, coach and the relationship provides support, energy and light for the benefit of the client. It is reliant on the client and coach being equally committed to create extra available energy for the client.

Coaching is about the client developing ways of self direction, leadership and forwarding their own agenda; definitely not about dependence on the coach.

Bottesini “Elegy” played by Tony Alcock, double bass and Charles Matthews, piano.