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Three Things to Notice in the Human Being

“We are human beings, not human doings.”

I love this expression because it defines our existence and distinguishes us as a species.

How are you being/turning up in life as a human?

Just having the time to stop and think is to be valued. Noticing how you react to stimuli: when I become angry at the injustice of being “cut up” in the car what is going on? What are the values that are being challenged and what is the importance of those values?

What is your impact in the world and how is it influenced by the way you regard yourself?

Even the smallest stone has a ripple in the pond and the ripples become wider as they spread.
Think how thinking of a funny situation causes you to smile, feel lighter, happier and energised.
Once you are in that energy, you may share a joke with a friend or just smile at someone or show a random act of kindness.

Think of the energy that you sense when doing something you love; your mind is focused, body is willing and so is your spirit. “You are good spirits today!”

When you find purpose and think of your contribution as valuable in the world your sense of self worth also grows. Mission and purpose. What you are doing matters and makes a difference in the world. For most humans the difference they wish to make is positive and that benefits the world and others.
Small ways of being and action steps can cause a massive wave of change.

Changing one small thing in your life can have massive benefits over time – a cumulative habit of say walking a mile before breakfast or drinking 5 glasses of water over the day for example.

So the three things about to notice about yourself are:

  1. How alive do you feel?
    Do you have a sense of your life as vibrant and colourful.
    Are you living the life you aspire to have?
  2. What is your connection like with people?
    How do you relate to others?
  3. Are you courageous and fearless?
    Are you pursuing your goals with action and purpose?

Addressing each of these questions can spark your curiosity to make some changes in your life.
If you would like to explore these areas with a professional coach please contact me by email : tonybass8@gmail.com or phone 07990548034


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