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Celebration of Success

Celebration of Success

This week I have been celebrating a milestone in my coaching career. I have been awarded CPCC, Certified Professional Co-Active Coach by the Co-Active institute.

There are many things to celebrate about this journey: how far I have come since the beginning; the wonderful people I have shared experiences with; emotions, dreams and equilibrium in the rich river of life; embracing new learning without being attached to perfection or failure.

It has also opened the door to being with my best self, living the values I have chosen, living a life of awareness and choice. There will be obstacles to man oeuvre round or climb over, and times when I will fall off this path, but leadership of oneself is how quickly we come back into awareness and choose to take control of our direction once again.

One of the big learning pillars for me was the discovery for me of how often I was being run by my inner critic. He had a really strong voice, he shouted so loud and often that I had to listen.
Sometimes the critic can keep us safe, but many times this critic sabotages good intentions ( hence the alternative name saboteur).

So I learnt to focus on what I really wanted to “be” like in actions that I chose to take. I had to be open, compassionate, focused, patient, trusting and yes determined.
It is so powerful to acknowledge the value coaching has brought to my life and the transformation that coaching has the power to bring to clients lives.

I am a professional coach who helps people transform their lives with joy, humour and creativity.
What is success for you? What are you celebrating?


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