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Peak Performance

Peak performance for job interviews, public speaking, auditions, concerts;

How to shine in the limelight.

Do you have a big job interview coming up? What is resting on your performance in that short time?

Many people find interviews very stressful, with all the unwanted body sensations that we feel when on red alert.

In a coaching relationship you can discover how to be at your best on the big occasion; what would it be like to come out of an interview feeling the warm glow of satisfaction that you had absolutely “nailed it”? If you are curious about giving your best ever job interview give Tony  a call on 07990548034

If confidence is what you really need, coaching is the perfect place to discover the foundations that will support your journey. Imagine what it feels like to be back on track, doing the things you love and getting paid for it! Knowing your value, worth and direction in life, work and relationships.

If this sounds like it could work for you why not email Tony to arrange a free consultation to meet the more confident you?

Actors and musicians.

Creative people have wonderful imaginations and bring joy and fun to their audiences.

So why is performing so stressful and why are auditions terrifying for some and child’s play for others?

If you are desperate to be successful at auditions (“ I want to eat and pay the rent!”) then please get in touch with Tony. We will design a tailor made programme to suit your strengths and put you in the best mental state possible for success.

Tony Alcock is a life and performance coach, with 35 years experience as a successful musician.




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