The work of coaching offers exceptional transformation and people respond better if they are invested in the process.

I am a trained professional coach by the Co-Active Training Institute. (CTi train more professional coaches than any other establishment.)

Imagine the benefits of living the life that you really want and choosing it. A life of choice, living according to your values, will benefit your relationships, work, leisure and well-being.

The introductory sample session is free of charge and is the best way to know that coaching is for you.

If we choose to work together, we can discuss the fee  according to the your circumstances: this is a relationship which brings great value to your life and requires a commitment. What is it worth to you to transform your life?

All fees are monthly for 2 sessions of 45 minutes each. I would ask that you commit to coaching for a minimum of three months.
Unwaged – we can talk about what is possible for you.

Pro bono work – I hold some sessions to deliver free for people in need.