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Present Awareness

Present Moment Awareness

In a world of crisis the power of being present and witnessing our lives is of enormous value.
We all have our own experience of lock down, but a very common perspective is “life has no structure!”, or every day is like “Ground hog day”: many days and weeks seem the same or have few highlights to distinguish them.

There are many ways to access the present moment; mindfulness, following our breath and learning to refocus our attention when it wanders off. Physical activities such as yoga, tai chi or Alexander Technique develop “thinking in activity”. Common to all is the focus on your experience right now, at this very moment.

Another great way to become present is to simply follow your thoughts and label them, without attachment to feeling or meaning. An anger thought, or worry or happiness.

The impact of being present to our thoughts can be that we stop running away with feelings of panic or discontent that can catch us by surprise, if we are unaware.

So…. What do you notice right now?

It may be a physical sensation, a gut reaction or a pain in the neck.
You maybe witness a strong emotion bubbling away uncontrollably. Just watching, rather than trying to fix, fight or flee can just give us space and literally breathing and the opportunity to shift energy.

What are you sitting with right now? ……

What is your body telling you? …… it has great wisdom to share.

What are your choices right now?……. rather than sitting as a victim to circumstances one small step may be all it takes to move in your chosen direction.

What is the script you are following right now? ….and is it the story you choose for yourself?
Coaching gives the client to build awareness in a safe place, with a skilled coach who will help you explore your values, experience your life more fully and live your life “on purpose”.
The chance to be all you can be.


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