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Life Coaching

Coaching “So What”

Working with a coach……. Why bother?

I was talking to a top executive consultant about sales and how to pitch?

He told me one of the questions asked after a pitch is “So what?”

So here goes!

Top sports people, actors, musicians, actors, leaders, executives work with coaches. Not only for skills and mentoring but also for improving their mental approach. Recently we have seen brave people put their mental health first by withdrawing from events (Naomi Osaka and Simone Biles).
It seems as if the stigma of mental health challenges is lessening.

Performance coaching enables your self-knowledge to increase and using the tools you discover helps you not only cope but excel.

So what would it be like to discover your best self?

How do you want to be?

Our experience is based on our perspectives, values and way of being in the action/ goals that make us sparkle.

Maybe the story you have been telling yourself is not serving you.


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