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Coaching “So What”

Working with a coach……. Why bother? I was talking to a top executive consultant about sales and how to pitch? He told me one of the questions asked after a pitch is “So what?” So here goes! Top sports people, actors, musicians, actors, leaders, executives work with coaches. Not only for skills and mentoring but […]

Life Coach

What is coaching?

Often in defining something it seems easier to say what it is not. Coaching is not therapy! Hurray, what a relief! Keep looking backwards and it can inform you, but you can not change it or go back in time. It’s not about trying to fix you or look forensically for the causes of your […]


Failure – What it can teach us

The “F -word” FAILURE Nobody likes to fail! It signals a lack of functionality, incompetence, judgement, deficiency, lack of achievement and a host of other derogatory synonyms. It may be related to a particular event, like an interview, performance or competitive event where the result seems to be everything; where “winning” and achieving brings spoils […]


Values: Getting to know you

Part of the early work of the client and their coach is looking at values. It is a fascinating process which informs the client’s whole life. What makes you tick? What do you love? What saddens or angers you? The exploration of what really matters to a person may at first seem obvious, but dig […]

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