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Life Coach

What is coaching?

Often in defining something it seems easier to say what it is not.
Coaching is not therapy! Hurray, what a relief! Keep looking backwards and it can inform you, but you can not change it or go back in time.

It’s not about trying to fix you or look forensically for the causes of your unhappiness.
Coaching is not about digging up dirt.

It is not about the opinions of the coach either. There seems to be an urban myth that coaches have to be media stars with extrovert personalities who exude charm and success. But the truth is you do not need a guru, saint or superhero as your coach. So in summary, no fixing or ideology.

So what is coaching?

Fundamental is the relationship between client and coach. There is a deep commitment to working powerfully, openly and deeply on the client’s agenda to bring about the transformation the client yearns for.
The coach creates a safe space ( through confidentiality, listening on many levels and reflection) for the client to explore 360 degrees of their whole self.
Discovery can be magical and enlightening for the client; What makes you tick?…. Come alive?….perform at your very best?

What do you truly want in your life?
What takes you towards these goals and what takes you further away or prevents you from even beginning the journey?
What attracts you and what repulses you?
The journey of self-awareness, self-acceptance and self-authority is an exciting one which helps you know yourself and relate to other people with authenticity.
Coaching starts with conversation in which you discover what drives you.
Then it is about creating action steps that lead us in the direction we want to go and committing to carrying them out. If this feels like a mountain or juggling many things is too much why not try one small step and see what you notice? How are you as a human in action?

The benefits

You will be listened to fully, feel heard, understood, valued and acknowledged. The coach may offer reflections on what they have heard and ask you if that picture is how you see it. There will be tasks that the client and coach design.

Being witnessed as the brilliant human you are, with a clear sense of purpose, imagine the power and freedom that will give you. You will feel more alive, more present and more grounded.
What sort of human being do you want to be?

As your coach, I promise to support your journey in life and help you make the transformation that you truly want. If you need to hear about my work, please see the testimonials section on my website.
To find the answers to your curiosities please book your free introductory session.


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