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Values: Getting to know you

Part of the early work of the client and their coach is looking at values. It is a fascinating process which informs the client’s whole life.
What makes you tick?
What do you love?
What saddens or angers you?

The exploration of what really matters to a person may at first seem obvious, but dig beneath the surface and you will uncover gold, diamonds and pearls that will enrich the life experience.

At the heart of this “mining for values” is creativity, which as humans we are incredibly skilled in if we allow ourselves to be. Even if you label yourself as having “no imagination” it can still work.
Try this for example: “Do not think of a pink fluffy toy elephant!”
Not even a direct order can prevent your mind from picturing it.

So, accepting that we are all highly skilled in painting mental pictures, we can use a very simple scenario, real or imagined and explore, with fun, what develops.

For example; Driving to work.
“What goes through your mind before and during the journey?” Speed, safety, order, courtesy, kindness, competition?” The way you prioritise these values will determine how your journey is.
Are you the kind of person you want to be when driving?

The benefit of knowing your values is that you can choose how to run your life more authentically.
You may even discover what has been running your life up until now (probably without you fully realising it), the awareness of which presents an opportunity to change course.


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